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Pioneer Partnership
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Pioneer Partnership is an endeavor founded by Warren County High School teacher Clark George as a union between family, school, community and the Southern Standard to increase awareness of the importance of education in Warren County.
WCHS faculty and staff want anyone who is in any way connected to a student at their school to take an active part in that student’s learning process.
Pioneer Partnership articles will include explanations and dates of the upcoming state-mandated tests such as ACT, PLAN, End of Course, Think-Link, etc.
Juniors at WCHS will take the ACT test this Tuesday, March 19. The test consists of separate tests in four subject areas; English (75 questions in 45 minutes), mathematics (60 questions in 60 minutes), eeading (40 questions in 35 minutes) and science (40 questions in 35 minutes). Each question contains four or five multiple choice answers.
George said, “Pioneer Pride ACT posters encouraging a score of 21 or better have been placed around school to promote our goal to continue to increase WCHS student’s ACT scores. Why is the ACT important? The ACT helps colleges and scholarship agencies find students. Students also complete an interest survey on the ACT test that can be a valuable tool for students choosing an occupation. When scores return there will be a section that analyzes the interest survey and gives the student occupations based on their interests.”
“We, your children’s teachers and school officials, know as you do that our students are capable of great accomplishments. With the support of family and community, we can make our students score at the top of all Tennessee students,” said George.
Suggestions for success on the ACT:
• Pace yourself so your do not spend too much time on a single question or reading passage.
• Read all directions carefully. English, reading and science ask for the “best answer” so do not answer with the first correct answer seen.
• Read each question carefully to fully understand what is being asked.
• Use a logical approach to reason your way through questions. Mark out the incorrect answers and choose from the remaining answers.
• Answer every question. There is no penalty for guessing.
• If time remains, review your work.
• Be careful to mark the answer on the correct answer sheet number, completely fill in the oval and erase any mistakes completely.
• Get a good night’s sleep and eat a good breakfast the morning of the test.
Parents and students can go to the website for more information, sample test questions, and other valuable information about the test, career and college planning, etc.
 “We are having a great response to our first article in the newspaper and want you and your student to join by signing the Pioneer Partnership pledge to agree to support and help WCHS students achieve academic excellence,” said George.