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Petty caught on way to deliver drugs
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A man who was caught by police while allegedly on his way to deliver drugs has been indicted on narcotics charges.
The man, Homer Anthony Petty II, 27, has been indicted on charges of possession of marijuana with intent to sell or deliver and driving on a suspended license. He will be arraigned before Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley later this month.
Petty was pulled over by police in the Cumberland Plaza parking lot after Sgt. Ben Cantrell noticed his brake lights were not working. It was during the stop the lawman smelled something unusual.
“While speaking to Mr. Petty about his driver license, I detected an odor of marijuana coming from his vehicle,” said Cantrell, noting he then asked if there was marijuana inside his vehicle. “He replied ‘yes’ and that he had 1.25 ounces of marijuana behind his driver’s seat.”
A check behind the seat revealed Petty was accurate on his weights as there were two bags, one weighing an ounce and one wearing a quarter-ounce.
A short time later, Cantrell figured out why Petty had been so specific about the weight of the marijuana in his vehicle.
“He gave me consent to check his text messages which revealed he was going to deliver the marijuana he had in his possession,” Cantrell said.
The text messages showed he had sent the message within a half-hour of the traffic stop but hadn’t yet made the delivery. A check of Petty’s license revealed his driving privileges were suspended because he had accumulated too many moving violation points earlier this year.