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Pawn ordinance could help fight crime
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McMinnville officials are considering an ordinance that will require local pawnbrokers to electronically report items online in an effort to catch criminals who pawn items out of town to evade detection.“McMinnville Police Department participates in an online program where pawnshops report pawned items and it becomes a pool of information for law enforcement, an easy way to see what has been pawned,” said McMinnville Police Chief Bryan Denton. “As you know, pawnshops are a prime place where stolen goods show up.”The ordinance will require “all local licensed pawnbrokers to have a computer system in operation capable of reporting data and shall electronically transfer the information to McMinnville Police Department’s electronic pawnbroker reporting system.”Called “LeadsOnline,” the online program allows departments to extend their reach beyond their jurisdiction and solve cases that would otherwise go unsolved. Denton says gone are the days of criminals pawning stolen items in their hometown so the online system is necessary.“There was a time when we would have a burglary in town.