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Park Theatre vote tonight
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A standing-room-only crowd of interested supporters attended a special meeting Tuesday night to discuss the future of Park Theatre renovation.On display were artist renderings of the proposed layout of the revamped theater, along with historic photos of the Park in its heyday.Park Theatre Group board member David Marttala began by introducing some of the other board members, including Steve Phillips, Sandra Haynes, Deborah Grepperud, Sarah Covert, Medora Willmore and Diane Stanley, and noting the decade-long effort by the organization to get the renovation off the ground.“Several of these people have worked on this project for a long, long time,” Marttala said. “For over 10 years we’ve been working on it. We could give you a long history of what we’ve done, but what we wanted to do tonight is to bring in the architects that we’ve been working with, AEI out of Cookeville, and let them tell you how the plans are going and what we’re going to do with the theater.”The architects outlined plans to make the Park Theatre a multi-purpose facility.