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Park Theatre bids under $2M mark
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The cost of renovating Park Theatre is no longer an estimate.
Bids submitted by contractors wanting to revitalize the facility were opened Thursday, giving city officials solid numbers.
In the order submitted to the city of McMinnville, Impulse Electrical Systems’ base bid was $1.77 million, W&O Construction’s base bid was $1.68 million, and Waymon Hale Construction’s base bid was $1.89 million.
Each company was allowed to bid on alternates, areas of construction that were not included in the base bid. Those were renovation of basement, rear addition, intermediate floor renovation, balcony level renovation, plastic toilet partitions, ceramic tile over terrazzo, repair terrazzo, and replacing the roof.
Impulse Electric Systems alternate bids totaled $657,025.
W&O Construction alternate bids totaled $449,000.
Waymon Hale Construction alternate bids totaled $664,108.
Complete renovation from roof to basement, including the construction of an addition to the rear of the building, will cost between $2.1 and $2.5 million.
The estimate generated by AEI, an engineering firm out of Cookeville, placed the renovation costs at approximately $2 million and city officials have been operating under the assumption it would take around $2 million to complete the job. Peter Metts of AEI says the bid amounts were as his firm expected.
“All of the bids were within an acceptable amount,” Metts said.
The city actually received four bids. However, one bidder did not follow instructions in generating its bid document envelop and was not opened.
Officials must now review the bids and determine which one is lowest and best, as well as consider which alternatives should be included in construction. No time has been set for that discussion.