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Park Theater searches for new salaried manager
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The city’s search for a new Park Theater manager will heat up with the new year. Interviews to fill the position begin in mid-January.
“I think we have approximately 15 applicants,” said Parks and Recreation assistant director Justin Scott. “We have interviews set up the week of Jan. 11. We have interviews set up pretty much the entire week. How long that process will take, I’m not sure.”
The search for a manager began after the resignation of Sara Morgan, the facility’s first coordinator, in October. The job title has been changed from supervisor, an individual who is on the clock and works a maximum of 40 hours a week, to a salaried manager because the job does not follow set hours.
While the title has changed, the responsibilities have not. The individual will be responsible for planning, coordinating, and directing overall activities of Park Theater. He or she is expected to provide leadership, and development and implementation of a long-range plans, performances, workshops, rehearsals, program themes, special events, etc.
Currently, the facility has been under the supervision of Parks and Recreation employees Kendra Foust and Kevin Roberts.
“Kendra and Kevin have done an outstanding job in the interim managing the facility,” said Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord. “They took the reins when Sarah left. It has been a smooth transition. I’m pleasantly pleased with their performance.”
At this time, eight of the applicants have been invited for an interview. Scott says eight is a few more than would normally be interviewed but the applicants offer a wide range of skills.
“I know eight sounds like a lot, but we have a good variety of people who are interested in the position,” he said. “We were able to narrow it down to eight so we’re interviewing those eight. Maybe one of those will meet all the qualifications or bring something else to the table that we haven’t thought about but would be a good fit for Park Theater.”