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Park Theater goes to the dogs
Dog party
The four main characters from “Dog Party” come together on stage during a rehearsal Monday at Park Theater.

Tail-wagging fun is on the horizon next month at Park Theater as Dream Reality Group is putting the finishing touches on its first original show “Dog Party.”

Tickets are currently on sale for $12 for the live-on-stage performance set for May 7-9.

“This is something we created because of our love of dogs and our love of children,” said Dream Reality Group founder Logan Taylor. “This is an original show that took 10 months for us to write the script and the music before taking it to our composer. It’s a high-energy show kids are going to love.”

Dream Reality Group has purchased four dog suits and has already had a few of the characters make public appearances to generate interest in the show. The costumes are mascot sized and high quality, Taylor says.

“These are something like you’d see at Disney World,” he said.

Mary Margaret Stanley is a stage veteran when it comes to Dream Reality Group shows, playing one of the lead roles in “Grease.” She plays the dog character Tater.

“It’s a big difference being inside a suit because we’re so used to showing expression with our face and you can’t do that with these characters,” said Stanley. “So I’ve had to learn how to show expression in other ways.”

“Dog Party” is an interactive musical adventure that follows the story of the pups as they try to save their friend from a villainous dog catcher.

In addition to Stanley, actors inside the dog costumes are Sydney Cook, Brennen Beaty and Claire Brooks. Carter Cantrell plays the dog catcher.

Advance tickets can be purchased at the Park Theater or through the Dream Reality website at