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Pair fights bullying
Eastside students wait in line for autographed photos of the Blow Up Bullying cast. School officials said they feel having the show presented by a group of young people is more effective because youngsters tend to pay more attention to peers than adults in some situations.
Logan Taylor and Jordan Thorn have dealt with bullying on a personal level in their lives. That’s why this talented pair of performers has put together a highly effective and entertaining program called “Blow Up Bullying.”The two made appearances around the county last week, ending with a performance at Eastside School in front of a crowd of Dibrell students who were bused to the show. The reaction from the sixth- and seventh-graders was enthusiastic as Thorn and Taylor addressed the problem of bullying and the damage it does to the well-being and self-esteem of two of society’s most vulnerable age groups, elementary and high school students.The duo danced and sang their way into the hearts of their audience by pointing out it’s OK to be who you are.School counselor Shawn Polombo says she feels the program is a good way to let the students know bullying is not acceptable.“Bullying seems to be a problem, not just at our school, but all the schools,” Polombo said.