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Oliver charged with multiple crimes after high-speed chase
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Leading lawmen on a high-speed chase through people’s yards in a stolen car wasn’t enough for an Ash Street man who found the need to also spit on a policeman as he was being arrested.
The suspect, Christopher Michael Oliver, 37, is charged with evading arrest, assault, resisting stop, multi-offense DUI, driving on a revoked license, reckless endangerment and possession of drug paraphernalia. He is set to appear before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke on Jan. 14.
Oliver bolted when sheriff’s investigator Steven Carpenter pulled in behind him after discovering Oliver was behind the wheel of a stolen Dodge Neon. Carpenter tried to stop him in the Walmart parking lot, but Oliver was having none of it.
“The vehicle fled, nearly striking various people and vehicles in the Walmart parking lot,” Carpenter said, noting that once Oliver was out of the parking lot, he continued his dangerous driving. “The chase lasted about 10 minutes and ranged from the parking lot, then through town on various streets and through residential yards.”
Officers were able to get Oliver stopped on Shelbyville Road but the suspect was not wanting to go to jail.
“He had to be physically restrained and then he spat on deputy Jared Jacobs,” Carpenter said.
Officers soon figured out why Oliver was running, besides him being behind the wheel of a stolen car. He had four prior convictions for drunk driving and did not have a driver license. Not surprising to officers given his track record, Oliver appeared to be high.
“Mr. Oliver was unsteady on his feet and admitted to taking methamphetamine earlier,” Carpenter said, adding that a search of the vehicle netted a needle, spoon and cut straw, all pieces of drug paraphernalia used for ingesting the illegal narcotic.