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Officials form pro-wheel-tax committee
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Warren County officials have formed a Political Action Committee called “For The Wheel Tax” to encourage residents to vote in favor of the wheel tax.
“I’m not sure we had to, but we wanted to just in case any questions were raised about us campaigning for the wheel tax to be passed,” said County Executive John Pelham of forming the committee.
Pelham is chairman of the committee, with administrative assistant Carol Cantrell as treasurer. The goal is to raise approximately $1,000 through county commissioners and other private donations.
Funds have already been used to purchase 33 signs in support of the wheel tax and to pay for one advertisement in the Southern Standard.
None of the funds used in the campaigning effort were taken from taxes, says Pelham.
“Every penny of the money raised has been through donations,” he said. “Not one penny of taxpayer money has been used. The majority of the commissioners want the wheel tax to continue. Each volunteered to donate a small amount to pay for the signs and two to three advertisements in the paper.”
As with any other Political Action Committee, records are kept as to who is making donations and in what amount.
“I don’t think we have to record donations that are less than $100,” said Pelham. “All of them have been less than $100, but we recorded them anyway. Morally, we wanted to. It’s the right thing to do.”
An updated report of donations will be filed with the Warren County Election Commission today, according to Pelham.
“Everyone who contributed money is listed,” he said. “It will be on record at the Election Commission office just like everyone else who is campaigning.”