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Officer dragged behind fleeing vehicle
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A Shelbyville man faces felony assault charges after he tried to flee the scene of a traffic stop, dragging the officer with his vehicle as he tried to speed away.
The driver, Charles T. Grizzle, 26, is charged with aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, evading arrest, possession of meth and drug paraphernalia, and introduction of drugs into the county jail.
McMinnville Police Sgt. Justin Shrum was treated at River Park Hospital for injuries to his knee and wrist.
The drama began just before dawn when Shrum pulled over Grizzle’s Dodge Caravan on North Chancery Street for a minor moving violation.
“He had an improperly displayed tag,” Shrum said, noting something didn’t sit right when he made contact with the driver. “He was acting nervous.”
Shrum soon found out Grizzle was on probation in drug court. The officer then asked to search the vehicle but was denied with the suspect claiming he had no drugs in his possession. It was at that point the officer found out there was an outstanding warrant against Grizzle. He returned to the minivan to give the driver the bad news.
“He refused order to vacate the vehicle,” Shrum said, noting the suspect then upped the ante. “He pulled the gear shift into drive as I tried to stop him.”
The vehicle lurched into gear, dragging Shrum along the black top as it sped away. However, Grizzle was not able to get away cleanly as he left the street and hit the sidewalk with enough force to knock one of his front tires off.
Grizzle abandoned his wrecked vehicle and took off on foot. He was caught a short distance away. A couple of syringes were found in his possession along with one that was dropped near his wrecked car.
Meanwhile, as the officer was being treated, Grizzle was being busted again, this time at Warren County Jail. As he was being strip searched before being placed into the general jail population, Grizzle refused to take off his boxer briefs.
“He stated he wanted to keep them on,” said corrections officer Sam Stotts.
When he eventually took the shorts off, the officer noticed Grizzle kept one hand behind his back. The inmate was ordered to show his hands, at which time it was discovered he was clutching a syringe which contained meth.