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Northcutt bound to grand jury on felony charges
Ricky Douglas Northcutt

A felon with a gun and a pocket full of drugs has been bound to the grand jury on a list of felony charges. In the meantime, he will wait for his appearance before the grand jury in jail as his arrest has triggered a violation of his probation.
The suspect, Ricky Douglas Northcutt, 51, waived his right to a preliminary hearing before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke last week and was bound to the next term of the Warren County grand jury on charges of reckless endangerment, possession of meth and Alprazolam, grand theft and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Judge Locke violated Northcutt on two counts of violating his probation, sending the defendant to jail.
Northcutt was arrested last month when police arrived at a residence on East End Drive to investigate a call of a disturbance involving an armed person. As they were talking to a woman there, officers noticed Northcutt standing in the kitchen doorway with his hands behind his back, acting in a suspicious manner.
“I asked him to show both of his hands,” recalled McMinnville police officer Austin Wortman, noting the suspect showed him only his right and left his left hand behind his back. “After several attempts to get him to show his other hand, officers approached him and were able to bring his hand around in front of him.”
That is when they found a 25-caliber automatic handgun concealed in his rear waistband. Moments later they also determined Northcutt was a convicted felon. A search of his person netted four Alprozolam pills and a crystal-like rock in his front pocket.
Police spoke with the woman at the house who revealed Northcutt had been acting suspicious when he arrived. It was his odd behavior and his brandishing the gun that prompted her to text and have a neighbor call police.
Northcutt is a convicted felon from a drug possession crime he committed in 1992.