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New WCHS fieldhouse toured by county Education Committee
Members of the county Education Committee were among those touring the fieldhouse being constructed at Warren County High School. The tour took place Monday.

County Education Committee members toured Warren County High School’s new fieldhouse and weight room Monday.
“I’m glad you got a chance to see this one,” said Upland Design Group architect Derrick Clemow of the project at the high school. “You can see what it’s going to be anyway.”
During the tour, Clemow said both buildings should be substantially complete and ready to be used within six to eight weeks.
Updates were also given on the projects at Bobby Ray and Irving College.
“Bobby Ray looks pretty much like it’s going to look from the outside,” said Clemow. “It’s pretty well finished on the exterior. The brick is finished. The canopies are up. Everything is pretty well tied together. We’ve had some heavy rains and we had to drain all the water off, which was one of our concerns.”
Work on the interior of the addition should be substantially complete in about two weeks, but that does not include the gymnasium, says Clemow.
 “We are, maybe, two weeks away from getting a substantial completion on the addition. We will not be done with the gym itself, but it does have new railings and it does have a painted ceiling. It does have the ducting in for the HVAC, but we have to make a transition in the ducting. We’re looking at that. The gym has never stopped being in use and it will continue to be used for its intended purpose.”
The hardwood floor and bleachers have not been replaced. Clemow says the floor won’t be replaced until after the HVAC is up and running.
“Before we can do the floor, we have to get control of the environment. You have to have dehumidification along with the wood. You have to put the wood in there and allow it to get acclimated before you start putting it down. The floor will be done in the first part of the summer and the bleachers will be done in the second part of the summer. By that time, we can wrap the whole project up.”
Irving College is in the dry, says Clemow.
“There are still windows that need to be placed, but the roof is finished in terms of dry. They beat the winter and they can continue to work. I do not envy the people who are trying to put up brick because they still have to work off the mud and that’s not fun. They are working on the brick. The brick is maybe 15 percent complete. The exterior block work is 100 percent complete. The interior block work lacks a day or two.”
Clemow reports most of the major utilities are in, work continues on the septic tank drain field installation, and masonry work will continue as weather permits.
Education Committee members receive monthly updates on the three projects. With them nearing completion, members want the meetings to include tours of the projects. Next month’s meeting could be held at Bobby Ray.