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New restrooms coming to fair
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Visitors to the Warren County A&L Fair will finally have new restrooms this year, according to County Commissioner Les Trotman.
Trotman informed members of the Warren County Commission on Monday the old restrooms at the fair located behind the grandstand have been torn down.
“The new facility will be 12 feet longer and 4 feet wider than the other one. The ladies side will have 11 stalls, three handicapped, eight standard.  The men’s side will have six stalls, three handicapped, three standard and four urinals. The ladies side will also have three baby changing stations in it. Each side will have four sinks. Completion should be 60 days after start,” said Trotman.
Trotman said the restrooms will be completed before the fair opens in September.
Commissioner Blaine Wilcher said, “This is just a request. But, the men’s bathroom probably needs a baby changing station, also. I have three daughters and I have changed several diapers myself.”
County Executive John Pelham said, “It does. It has one. According to the initial plans, it should have one changing station.”