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New Hardee's closer to reality
If Hardee's officials get their way, the existing Hardee's restaurant will soon be replaced by a brand new building better suited to deal with drive-thru traffic.
Hardee’s plan to demolish its existing building and replace it with one that’s better configured to accommodate more vehicles in its parking lot has passed another hurdle.On Tuesday, McMinnville’s Historic Zoning Commission met to review a Certificate of Appropriateness for demolition and new construction. The measure passed 3-0 by Bobby Kirby, chairman, Rachel Killebrew, and Steve Harvey. The plan is to completely demolish the existing building and construct one that is a “reverse image” which will move the drive-thru window to the opposite side of the building and move the order stations and speaker posts from the back of the property to the front.The switch will increase the number of vehicles that can be waiting in the drive-thru line to improve the traffic situation and lessen the noise heard by residential neighbors behind the business.In attendance at the meeting was Jamie Kemp from the Hardee’s Corporation.