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New fair bathroom plans may be flushed for this year
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Warren County fair-goers may or may not see new or renovated bathrooms at the fairgrounds this year.
During Monday’s Warren County Commission meeting, Economic and Agricultural Development Committee chairman Les Trotman announced he had nothing new to report concerning his committee.
Commissioner Blaine Wilcher asked, “How is it coming along with the fair bathrooms? I went out to the fairgrounds Saturday and walked around and nothing has been done.”
Trotman said the last he heard someone was coming to look at the bathroom facilities.
The Standard contacted fair board member Wayne Davenport who said, “We are getting bids with local contractors. We are getting bids on building a new bathroom, replacing the one behind the grandstand beside the women’s building. They will also be bidding on renovating. It is according to how the bids come in if we will build new or remodel.”
Davenport added, “It is getting late. I just don’t know if anything will be done in time for this year’s fair.”
It’s less than two months before the fair begins in early September.
The County Commission voted in May to appropriate $25,000 to upgrade the restrooms at the Warren County A&L Fairgrounds. The money could be used to either renovate the existing restrooms or to build new restrooms.
County Executive John Pelham said during the May meeting, “This was guestimated to be around a $50,000 project. They have about half of that amount to spend. Since that time, they have received estimates. The estimates are higher than originally believed to be. With discussions we have had recently, with $25,000 from the county and with their $25,000, they could possibly borrow another $15,000 to $20,000 to complete this project. They are hoping that somewhere in that range is where they can land to make this happen to have new restrooms.”
Commissioners were hopeful fair restrooms could be renovated or built before the fair which is the second full week in September.
In May, the resolution making appropriations of $25,000 to the Warren County A&L Fair for restrooms passed 23-1 with Commissioner Kenneth Rogers voting no.