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New cellphone charge not pleasant ring
Fee to be added on Frontier calls to Verizon
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Verizon Wireless customers may have to find another way to talk to their friends and family who have phone service with Frontier Communications, unless the friend or family member thinks the call is worth a long-distance charge.Verizon Wireless recently mailed a letter to its customers informing them, “Effective Aug. 5, 2013, certain previously toll-free calls made from Frontier landlines to Verizon Wireless numbers will need to be dialed using a ‘1’ and the area code. These particular calls – made to Verizon Wireless mobile numbers that are outside the caller’s Frontier landline local calling area – may incur long-distance charges. Any such charges will appear on your long-distance provider’s bill.”That means a Frontier customer will have a long-distance charge added to their bill when calling a Verizon customer.Virginia Reed, local representative with Verizon Wireless said, “For years, Verizon has paid these phone companies.