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New cellphone charge not pleasant ring
Fee to be added on Frontier calls to Verizon
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Verizon Wireless customers may have to find another way to talk to their friends and family who have phone service with Frontier Communications, unless the friend or family member thinks the call is worth a long-distance charge.
Verizon Wireless recently mailed a letter to its customers informing them, “Effective Aug. 5, 2013, certain previously toll-free calls made from Frontier landlines to Verizon Wireless numbers will need to be dialed using a ‘1’ and the area code. These particular calls – made to Verizon Wireless mobile numbers that are outside the caller’s Frontier landline local calling area – may incur long-distance charges. Any such charges will appear on your long-distance provider’s bill.”
That means a Frontier customer will have a long-distance charge added to their bill when calling a Verizon customer.
Virginia Reed, local representative with Verizon Wireless said, “For years, Verizon has paid these phone companies. Every time one of their numbers called our customers, Verizon paid the fee. I do not know what happened with Frontier and am not authorized to speak on behalf of Verizon.”
The Standard tried unsuccessfully to speak to a Verizon public relations representative.
Reed did say, “Verizon has landline service. For only $20 per month, you have unlimited talking and no long-distance fees within U.S. You can keep your existing number. For an additional $15, can have international calls added.”
The Standard also tried unsuccessfully to speak to a local Frontier representative. The phone number listed online is no longer in service. There is no Frontier number listed in the phone book.
A visit made to the local Frontier building on Chancery Street was unproductive as the doors were locked. A sign on the door said to call 473-3172 if you need service. The number sounds like a local number, but it actually goes to a home representative not in the county, or even the state.
The Standard called what appeared to be a local number only to be put through to a work-from-home representative in Arizona.

Phone numbers that will be impacted by the change are:
Area code        1st three Verizon digits                     Area code               Frontier landline 1st three digits
   931            260, 261, 265, 267, 510                        931                277, 456, 459, 473, 484, 506, 707, 788

Area code        1st three Verizon digits                     Area code               Frontier landline 1st three digits
   931           205, 212, 224, 247, 273,                          931                           473, 506, 836
                   409, 581, 607, 808

If your Verizon Wireless number is listed in the chart above and you receive a call from the Frontier landline number also listed, the Frontier landline number may incur long-distance charges beginning Aug. 5.
Verizon does state in its letter, “If your Verizon Wireless number(s) are listed in the chart, you have the option to change your Verizon Wireless number(s).
Several people have voiced concerns with the impending changes, including McMinnville resident Carol Hamblen. “I don’t think I should have to change my Verizon number. I’m just going to have to tell people in my contacts to not call my cellphone. I don’t understand it and I don’t think it is fair,” said Hamblen.