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Nashville pastor tackles gunman
Church gunman
The alleged gunman has been identified as Dezire Baganda

NASHVILLE (AP) — The “heroic actions” of a Tennessee pastor who tackled a man waving and pointing a gun during a service “saved a church from further violence," police said.

No shots were fired during the incident Sunday at Nashville Light Mission Pentecostal Church, located in the 900 block of West Trinity Lane, Metro Nashville Police said in a statement.

The 26-year-old man identified as Dezire Baganda pulled a gun as the pastor was praying with several people at the altar and told everyone to get up as he waved and pointed the gun at the congregation, police said. Harrowing surveillance video from the incident appears to show the suspect wave the gun in his hand facing the worshippers.

Live video has been posted on the Southern Standard's Facebook page,

The pastor tackled the man and then several church members helped to disarm and hold him until officers arrived, the statement said. Some shocked church attendees ran out of the church upon seeing the pastor spring into action.

The pastor has been identified as Ezekiel Ndikumana. He spoke with News 2 Sunday evening about his heroic actions.

“He wanted to kill, that’s what first came to my mind,” Ndikumana told News 2 as choir member Nzojibugami Noe translated for him. Noe was also in the first row during the incident.

“He was standing in the front of almost everybody. No one was behind him yet, so he could have done anything,” Noe recalled.

Baganda was not a member of the church, but the pastor said he had attended services before, according to police. He was charged with 15 counts of felony aggravated assault, police said.