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Myers faces assault charges
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A man faces multiple assault counts after he allegedly put a gun to his sister-in-law’s head. The suspect, John Dexter Myers, 22, was indicted by the grand jury on charges of aggravated domestic assault and aggravated assault. The counts carry 3 - 6 years in prison.
The charges were brought for an incident that occurred while Myers’ wife was trying to get her child from her in-law’s residence. The wife suspected her husband might start trouble so she reportedly brought her sister and her sister’s boyfriend with her. Her suspicions were right.
“He had been drinking,” said Sheriff’s Deputy Jared Jacobs of the suspect, noting a dispute began and quickly escalated. “(The sister-in-law) became afraid and called 911 on her cellphone. She felt a push and felt something metal at the back of her head and turned to see Mr. Myers with a gun.”
She said Myers then threatened to “blow her away,” prompting her sister to grab her son and run to a neighbor’s house.  Myers’ father was able to get the gun away from his son; however, Myers grabbed a stick and began chasing his sister-in-law’s boyfriend with a stick.
When deputies arrived to neutralize the situation, they found a 45-caliber Regent pistol that had allegedly been wielded by Myers.
“The victims stated they were in fear of their lives once the gun was produced,” Jacobs said.