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Munson keeps 60s spirit alive
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Irving College resident Tim Munson has a 1960s persona to burn. From his beautifully restored 1964 VW Microbus to his colorful parrot Speeder and rambunctious black Great Dane puppy Daisy, to his equally colorful tattoos on both arms and his tie-dyed shirt, Munson could catch a time machine and fit right in at Woodstock. 
That’s why he has been invited to bring his VW and his tattoos to the Southern Standard’s Back to the ’60s Bash on Saturday, July 16 at Warren County Fairgrounds.
Tim says he doesn’t mind being referred to as a hippie since his VW fairly screams counter-culture, and that’s exactly what he intended.
“The 1964 Volkswagen bus I’ve had now for about 12 years,” Tim said. “I bought it kind of due to a memory of another one. I had a 1964 shortened bus in the late ’60s, early ’70s, and I was looking on the Internet and saw this bus and it just brought back memories. So I said, ‘Well, maybe I’ll buy that.’ I’ve restored it, it was pretty rough when I bought it. I customized it and it’s a daily driver, I drive it back and forth to work.”
Tim is a retired after 33 years as a fireman, and now works at the local Sears making deliveries and unloading trucks. In addition to the VW bus, Tim has a bread truck, also painted with a red ’60s motif, including an iconic “peace sign.”
“The bread truck is a 16-foot retired bread truck,” Tim said. “I bought it because I do custom carpentry on the side and needed something to haul my tools. Once I bought it, I began thinking of it as an “A-Team” truck and painted it with that in mind, for those of you who remember the “A-Team.” It’s painted kind of like the “A-Team” van. Of course the peace sign on the side, that’s just part of my ’60s background.”
Tim, who is a native Floridian, and his wife Debra ended up in Warren County the way lots of people seem to — they came to Tennessee on several family camping vacations and fell in love with the state, and eventually Irving College, where the couple bought a 28-acre plot and plan to build a home eventually.
“I told my wife this is where I wanted to retire,” Tim said. “And so here we are. We love it.”
Tim and Debra’s decision is our good fortune. Be sure to come to the Back to the 60’s Bash in July and bring the kids to see an authentic 60’s icon, the VW Microbus.