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Move 2 Stand conference targets teen bullying
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With bullying being a major problem in school systems across the country, school administrators have decided the key to solving the issue isn’t in the hands of teachers, administrators and principals, but is instead in the hands of the students themselves.
“It’s leadership by the students,” said Warren County Schools attorney Robin Phillips, who was involved in coordinating the conference Friday to educate student leaders on how to address the bullying problem in schools, as well as other issues.
“We had about 50 high school-aged students, freshmen, sophomores and juniors who took part,” Phillips said, noting a similar event was held for students in grades 6-9 recently.
The conference, sponsored by the school system and health department, seeks to train students about how to help their fellow students in addressing the bullying problem and other risky behavior. The conference was called Move 2 Stand and involved speakers who interacted with the students during the meeting Friday.
“It’s fun but it has serious moments,” said Phillips, who was present for the conference. “There’s a lot of interaction and real-life training sessions showing how to address bullying and other risky situations.”
By training students on bullying and risky behavior, administrators hope they will be better able to influence their fellow students next year to avoid such behavior.
“We want them to be part of the cure,” Phillips said, noting students can be the eyes and ears to spot issues within schools. “They can watch for students who may be having problems and not know how to deal with them. They can make students feel more welcome in school.”
Phillips said there will be more training sessions offered during the next school year through the Move 2 Stand initiative.