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Motorcycle rider crashes Monday
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 A motorcycle rider was seriously injured Monday afternoon when he laid down his Harley-Davidson while trying to make a turn in the rain.
Dean Leonard Johnson, 63, of Indiana was the injured motorcycle rider. He was traveling with a group of seven motorcycles and had logged over 700 miles on a cross-country trip at the time of the crash.
The accident took place on Highway 30, also known as Spencer Highway, at its intersection with Rocky River Road around 1 p.m. Monday. Johnson was slowing to make a left onto Rocky River Road when he lost control and laid the bike down.
According to friends who were riding with him, Johnson was traveling 25 to 30 mph when the accident took place. He reportedly hit the pavement hard with his head, which was protected by a helmet.
Fellow riders said a pop-up thunderstorm wet the pavement and was likely a contributing factor for why Johnson lost traction.
Emergency personnel at the scene wanted to airlift Johnson to a trauma facility but the chance of further thunderstorms grounded helicopters. He was taken via ambulance to River Park Hospital.
The motorcycle group was traveling from Warren County toward the Blue Ridge Parkway for a ride to Floyd County, Va. Several of the riders said they are from the Chicago area.