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Morrison roof still raising concerns
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With work on Morrison School reaching its midway point, architects are assuring the School Board that modifications to incorrectly installed roof trusses in the gym are structurally sound.
“It was a minor hiccup,” said architect Paul McCall of Red Chair Architects, which designed the new school. “We don’t see any scheduling problems with the upside down joist issue.”
Worries began when it was discovered crews had installed trusses in the gym area of the school upside down. However, engineers were able to modify the joists in place so they did not have to be removed. McCall noted taking down the already completed sections would have likely been a bad idea since that could have caused structural issues.
“The subcontractor is eating a lot of costs,” McCall said, noting the error will not cost the school system extra and there should be no issues as far as water run-off. “It maybe will not be as big a slope, but it will be enough where it will drain like it should.”
The next question asked by School Board members during McCall’s update Thursday evening was liability.
“What if in 10 years the building’s roof falls in, who is responsible?” asked School Board member Jeff Lee, saying he heard the question from a county commissioner.
McCall again assured board members the roof will be structurally sound and will be examined by a third-party assessor before it passes inspection. The work on the roof is both bonded and insured, McCall said.
“Just to be crystal clear, these modifications are structurally sound?” asked incoming Director of Schools Bobby Cox.
McCall responded the structural integrity will be the same as if the joists were assembled correctly in the first place. McCall said he plans to address the Warren County Commission’s Education Committee and tell them the same thing next month.