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Ming named codes enforcer
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Nolan Ming has secured the job of county environmental codes officer. Ming’s prior experience impressed County Executive John Pelham and members of the county’s Policy and Personnel Committee.
“I am very impressed with Nolan’s references. They all spoke very highly of him,”  Pelham said. “He also scored the top score across the board during his interview. That shows me all of us were on the same page. It is my desire and the desire of the committee for this to be a long-term relationship.”
Ming, a native of Yorkville, Ill., worked his way up from project manager to director of nationwide operations for Burnham Nationwide in Chicago. Ming was employed with the company almost 10 years. Burnham Nationwide is a building permit, code compliance and sustainability consulting company that has obtained over 100,000 building permits nationwide and was involved in building Trump Tower in Chicago.
While at Burnham, Ming supervised day-to-day staff operations of 50 employees in offices located in New York, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, and Los Angeles.
Ming also worked for Boombah in Yorkville, Ill. as the director of store design and construction.
Ming has worked at Superior Walls, Lowe’s and Bridgestone in Warren County.
Pelham said all of Ming’s former employers gave excellent references.
“This employee’s qualifications are impeccable,” said Commissioner George Smartt at the Policy and Personnel Committee meeting held where Ming was recommended for hire.
The commissioners discussed raising Ming’s starting pay from $30,000 which is what the previous codes enforcer made.
Smartt asked if the pay could be raised to $35,000.
Commissioner Kenneth Rogers said, “What I would be in favor of, if in six months he has passed his tests, then, yes. But, I wouldn’t be in favor of starting him at quite that much right now.”
“Can we revisit the pay? I know the amount we hire him is where he will be for a while. We’ve kept adding responsibilities to that job. It may be worth it to up the pay in order to keep somebody,” said Commissioner Charles Morgan.
Commissioner Ken Martin said, “I want to give him all we can. I want to keep him and hope he stays.”
Pelham said he did not think the budget for the position could be raised at this time. The committee agreed to look into the possibility.
Ming is the father of three daughters, ages 15, 12 and 5, who live in Warren County. He is an avid marathon runner.
“I am very thankful for the opportunity and I am very excited to get started. I want to keep Warren County safe and beautiful,” Ming said.