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MES electrifies 75th year with contests
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McMinnville Electric System is celebrating its 75th year by offering contests each month until August when a customer appreciation day will be held.This month, MES customers born in 1939 (the same year MES began) who show their ID with birth date at the office will be given a CFL light bulb and have their names placed in a drawing for an electric blanket.“With the weather, we felt an electric blanket was very fitting for the prize in January,” said Debbie Sain, manager of marketing and communications at MES. “Next month’s prize will be an electric skillet.”In February, the contest will be open to any individual of any age who presents a McMinnville Electric System bill from the 1950s or prior. Those presenting a bill will be given a CFL light bulb and entered into the drawing for an electric skillet.“I was tickled to see in the Standard that an individual had a bill from 1956,” said Sain. “I added that to our newsletter.”Richard Laws was featured in the Jan. 26 edition of the Standard after discovering a Caney Fork Electric bill from 1956 that was for $1.