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Mentally ill man charged with assault
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A mentally disturbed man who walked off from Generations and then threatened deputies with a table leg faces charges of assault on an officer.
The suspect, Brett T. Easley, 32, was walking down the middle of Nashville Highway as cars sped past at over 55 mph when deputies found him brandishing the wooden table leg.
“We were responding to a mentally disturbed person on Crisp Springs Road at Generations when we found him walking in the middle of Nashville Highway,” sheriff’s deputy Rusty Woodlee explained in his warrant against the mental patient. “He had a wooden table leg in his hand when I stopped him.”
Woodlee said he ordered the man to put down the potential weapon several times, but the man refused to respond to his orders.
“He drew back his arm with the weapon and threatened to assault me,” Woodlee said, noting several deputies were needed to subdue the man. “Upon being taken into custody he continued to resist by fighting with additional deputies that came to assist.”
Easley will face preliminary hearing Oct. 23 before Judge Bill Locke on charges of assault and resisting arrest.