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Men reportedly use handgun to rob pharmacy
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Lawmen corralled two armed robbers Wednesday morning after the heist of a pharmacy in neighboring White County.
The suspects, Christopher Stanley, 34, and Ricky Ashford, 33, were arrested separately after a foot chase off Shady Rest Road near the VFW. They are being held at White County Jail facing charges of aggravated robbery and aggravated assault. They will also face charges here for their run from the law.
The chase began just after 10 a.m. Wednesday when the men allegedly walked into Sparta Discount Drug Store and robbed it at gunpoint. The men demanded, and were given, an undisclosed amount of cash along with drugs. They then fled the store, but in doing so a description of their vehicle was reported to White County authorities. The description was given out as an all-points bulletin and their car was spotted by Warren County Constable Junior Pennington near Rock Island.
Officers converged on the area and a chase ensued onto Shady Rest Road which runs nearly parallel with Sparta Highway just outside McMinnville city limits. With officers closing in from both sides of Shady Rest, the men abandoned their vehicle and took off on foot into the wooded area located between Shady Rest and Sparta Highway.
One of the suspects was captured shortly after the chase began, while the second was nabbed using a tracking dog which led officers to his hiding place. Money, drugs and a handgun were recovered at the time of their arrests.