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Mejia claims theft was just prostitution
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A woman who claimed she was merely being paid back for sexual favors will serve a year in jail for theft and forgery.
The woman, Shandra L. Mejia, 30, entered a guilty plea to the charge of grand theft and was directed by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley to serve one year of a four-year sentence. She also had three more years of probation thrown on top of the probation she will be on once she serves her jail time. Those probationary sentences were for another count of theft and for not appearing in court to face her felony charges. She had 22 other counts of forgery, theft and fraudulent use of a credit card dismissed as part of her plea bargain.
Her sentence comes after she went on a forgery spree with a man’s checkbook and credit card. Police say she cashed checks at numerous places such as Walmart and Stewarts but did not have permission to use the checks or card of her victim. Her single victim was a man she knew.
Before she was caught she rolled up a total of $1,730 in charges to the man’s account. She will be forced to repay every penny of her theft while she is on probation. Failure to repay could result in her having to serve the entire seven-year term.
While caught seemingly red-handed stealing from the man’s account, Mejia had an excuse for her theft spree, claiming the man owed her the money she took from his account.
“She said the victim gave her the checks, credit and debit cards to pay her for sexual favors,” said McMinnville Police Detective Barry Powers of the statement she gave him about the crime.
Powers said Mejia felt she was not stealing from the man since she claimed she had permission to spend the money and had earned it by doing sexual work for the man.
“She said he told her how much she could spend and therefore, this was not a theft case,” said Powers.
Prosecutors did not buy her claim and instead maintained her guilt as a thief.