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Martin, 33, sentenced to 12 years for numerous offenses
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A man who led authorities on a chase across a river has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for his laundry list of crimes.
The defendant, Bradley Dewayne Martin, 33, reduced his long list of crimes to a handful when he entered guilty pleas before Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley to charges of delivery of drugs, initiating the process to manufacture methamphetamine, promoting the manufacture of meth, and evading arrest. Other charges including burglary, theft, various drug counts, and resisting arrest were dismissed as part of the package deal which resulted in the 12-year sentence.
While hit with numerous counts, it was Martin’s run from the law which ended on an island in the Shellsford area which landed him in jail.
His issues began nine days before his river capture when he refused to pull over for lawmen on Old Rock Island Road. On that day, sheriff’s investigator Steven Carpenter said he got behind Martin’s Toyota, but the fugitive accelerated.
“He was traveling at an excessive speed endangering the lives of every person on the road, as well as his own life,” Carpenter said in his warrant.
The car Martin was driving was found at his brother’s house on nearby Hennessee Bridge Road after he temporarily gave officers the slip. Martin then bolted out the back of his brother’s trailer when lawmen arrived, dropping three grams of marijuana and some drug paraphernalia in his haste to escape.
Martin stayed at large for nine days until he was spotted in a car near Shellsford Bridge.
“I saw him jump out of the passenger side of a vehicle and flee on foot,” recalled sheriff’s investigator Jody Cavanaugh.
It was from there lawmen chased Martin down the river bank and into the cold river water. Officers said Martin was able to make it to an island in the middle of the river, but decided to give up when he noticed lawmen on both sides of the river bank.
A subsequent search of the car in which Martin had been a passenger netted numerous items commonly used in the production of meth. They also found meth and morphine pills in the vehicle.
During the same search, officers found a pillow case containing jewelry and paperwork belonging to a McGee Cove Road resident. Upon going to the home, they found a back window had been broken out and the house burglarized.