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Man who beat live-in girlfriend has sentenced reduced to 90 days
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An appeal by a man who beat his live-in girlfriend for two days paid off as he will now serve only a fourth of the sentence he originally received.The man, Clinton J. Maples, 40, was directed to by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley to serve 90 days of an 11-month, 29-day sentence after he appealed his General Sessions Court sentence for domestic assault.General Sessions Judge Larry Ross gave Maples the maximum sentence for domestic assault, that being an 11-29 sentence for the misdemeanor, prompting his defense to file an appeal because they felt the jail term was too high.His sentence was issued after police were called to his Crain Street home where they learned of the two days of assaults on his live-in girlfriend.“She had a swollen and bruised right eye that she stated Mr. Maples caused when he struck her with his fist,” said McMinnville police investigator Todd Rowland.Rowland went on to say the swollen eye was from the assault which had happened just before lawmen arrived. A prior injury was also noted on the woman.“The other injuries that occurred prior to today were a large bruise on her right forehead where she stated he had struck her with a flashlight,” Rowland said in taking the domestic violence charge. “She also had a bruise on her leg.”The upholding of an appeal from General Sessions Court is the second in just over two weeks as the court, earlier this month, reduced an 11-29 sentence against a woman convicted in General Sessions Court of assaulting her boyfriend.