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Man told to report to jail after nine years
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A man who failed to report to court nine years ago will have another chance, this time to report to jail to serve his sentence.
The vanishing defendant, Victor Ginerich, had been at-large for the better part of a decade before he was caught recently on other charges and it was determined he was wanted on failure to appear in court charges.
He was brought into court Tuesday where he revealed he had been in another penal institution at the time he was supposed to appear before the court on violation of probation charges. After failing to make his court date, Ginerich said he just never turned himself in and the issue did not come up again until he was brought into court on another charge and it was discovered he was wanted on the outstanding warrant.
As a result of the longtime delay, General Sessions Judge Larry Ross gave Ginerich 40 days in jail, 30 for the violation of probation and 10 for failing to appear in court. He also had his probation extended by a year.
While sentencing Ginerich to the jail time, Judge Ross allowed him until May 6 to report, warning him that he will not have a repeat of the nearly decade-long wait should he not turn himself in.
“I wonder if he will report this time,” Judge Ross wondered out loud in allowing Ginerich to report next month before giving him a warning. “If you don’t report on that day you will serve every day of your entire sentence.”