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Man threatens to open fire on police officers
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A veteran officer climbed out of his sick bed on a frigid morning to talk an armed man out of shooting at police Wednesday after the irate man barricaded himself inside his apartment.
“He said he had a gun and we would have to kill him,” McMinnville police officer Brian Holt said regarding the words issued by Eric Lee Haywood, 35, as he ducked inside his door at Buckingham Apartments and barricaded himself inside.
Haywood fled inside his home after deputies and police tried to take him into custody for a domestic incident that happened a short time before at a nearby apartment complex. They were alerted to him when his stepson called to warn his intended victim that his stepfather was coming to kill her.
“He said his father had departed with a handgun stating he was going to kill (the victim),” Sheriff’s Sgt. Jason Walker said in his warrant against Haywood charging attempted murder. “Shortly thereafter he arrived at Bradywine Apartments and attempted to force his way into the home by kicking on the door.”
Walker arrived and saw Haywood hurrying into his apartment just before authorities arrived. It was just as he disappeared inside that he swore he would not be taken alive.
Police and deputies took up positions outside the apartment during the bitterly cold evening and started negotiations. The talks ground on for some time until Haywood finally said he would give himself up, but to only one officer – Police Lt. John Morgan.
The issue then arose that Morgan was home on sick leave. However, given the prospect of possibly having to gun it out with Haywood, they took him up on his offer and went to Morgan’s home and woke him up.
Morgan agreed to help and left his sick bed to negotiate with Haywood. Around 5 a.m., Haywood was true to his word. “He exited his apartment and came down the stairs unarmed and allowed Lt. Morgan to handcuff him,” Holt said.
Haywood admitted to police he intended to kill the woman at Brandywine had he been able to get inside her apartment. His admission led to a attempted criminal homicide charge.