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Man slams into ballfield scorer box
Field wreck DUI test
The scorekeepers building at Cat Walker Field was completely demolished when the driver of this pickup truck, Micah Hill, jumped the curb and ran straight into it. The wreck occurred Monday night, a day when no games were scheduled on that particular field. Hill is pictured being given a field sobriety test by police officers, a test which he passed.

A pickup crashed through a scorekeeper’s building Monday night at the Civic Center complex, destroying the structure.
Fortunately, the field wasn’t in use at the time and injury was avoided.
The incident took place at Cat Walker Field around 5 p.m. Monday when a 1994 Chevy pickup driven by Micah Hill, 22, jumped the curb and crashed into the building. Hill told officers he was at the parking lot adjacent to Gilley Pool and the Jungle Jym waiting to meet his girlfriend and must have blacked out.
“He said he pulled into the parking lot to wait for his girlfriend and that’s all he remembers until he woke up on the ground,” said McMinnville Police Department officer Bobby Hammond. “He said he must have blacked out because he didn’t know what happened.”
Hammond says he spoke to witnesses who said they saw Hill walking around the pickup just prior to the crash. The pickup jumped over a 5-inch curb and came to rest in the building used by scorekeepers during games.
“The witnesses said he was walking fine,” said Hammond. “Hill said he didn’t remember anything between pulling into the parking lot and waking up on the ground. He admitted to drinking a six pack of beer that morning at 10 a.m. We performed field sobriety tests on him and he passed those.”
McMinnville Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord says he’s thankful the field and the building were not in use.
“I’m just thankful no one was hurt. That’s the most important thing,” said McCord. “We mainly use that field for younger children, practices and rentals. It wasn’t in use Monday evening, which I am really thankful for. We were lucky.”
McCord says tentative plans are to construct a new building.
While Hill admitted to drinking earlier in the day, he passed all field sobriety tests and was not charged. He refused transport to River Park Hospital.