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Man jumps from speeding truck
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A local minister was critically injured Thursday when he jumped from his nursery truck as it sped out of control down Rocky River Mountain after losing its brakes on the steep descent.
The driver, Terry Grissom, 42, was airlifted from the scene to Erlanger Medical Center in Chattanooga where he is in critical condition suffering from injuries he sustained when he hit the ground after leaping from the cab of his tractor trailer.
Grissom, who is the minister at New Hope Full Gospel Church in Newtown, was traveling down a steep mountain pass with a load of nursery stock in neighboring Van Buren County when a malfunction caused his truck to lose its brakes. Investigators suspect that being unable to stop the runaway truck, Grissom made a split-second decision to jump from the vehicle before it ran off the side of the mountain near what many locals call “the slide” where part of the roadway had washed away.
Grissom was critically injured in the fall from the speeding truck.
Meanwhile the truck and its load came to rest over an embankment near where he had jumped. Investigators suspect Grissom would have fared better from an injury standpoint if had he stayed in the runaway truck and not tried to leap to safety.