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Man indicted for raping baby-sitter
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A White County man has been indicted for allegedly raping his teen-age baby-sitter.
The suspect, John Michael Ratliff, is free under $50,000 bond after being indicted recently on charges of rape and aggravated statutory rape. The top charge of rape carries eight to 12 years in prison. Ratliff has been given a trial date of May 29.
Ratliff is accused of having sex with his 17-year-old female baby-sitter at his home.
“She had been working for them as a baby-sitter for quite a while,” said sheriff’s investigator Jason Rowland.
The incident happened in 2010, but the investigation took time to close with Rowland saying they had to wait for evidence to be examined at the crime lab.
“This has been a lengthy investigation,” Rowland said of all the evidence which had to be analyzed before the case could be taken to the grand jury.
The teen-age girl maintains Ratliff and his wife came home one evening after reportedly drinking. The girl, who was at the house baby-sitting as normal, said Ratliff’s wife went to another part of the house and apparently fell to sleep. It was at that time she said her longtime employer forced himself on her.
“She alleges he came in one night and forced her to have sex with him,” said Rowland, noting investigators will never likely know the degree of Ratliff’s alleged intoxication, if he was intoxicated at all.
The incident happened when Ratliff lived in Warren County thereby making it part of local jurisdiction.