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Man in trouble for knife attack on bail bondsman
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A man faces felony assault charges after he allegedly knifed his bail bondsman when he arrived at his home to remind him of his court date.
The suspected slasher, Travis Dewayne Hawkins, 25, is charged with aggravated assault for slashing bondsman Danny Elrod. Hawkins faces three to six years in prison if convicted.
The victim in the case said he stopped at Westside Manor apartments to remind Hawkins of his court date which was set for the following day. In response to the reminder, Hawkins indicated he intended to jump bond.
“He said I’d have to have a plane ticket to find him,” Elrod recalled in his warrant against Hawkins, noting the suspect then pushed him in the chest and ran away.
Elrod followed the fugitive and soon discovered he was hiding in tall grass nearby.
“I saw the weeds move,” Elrod said. “I jumped in and grabbed Mr. Hawkins. That is when he came out with a knife cutting my left forearm.”
Hawkins was able to flee the wounded bondsman. He was later captured after running away from the apartment complex.