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Man found asleep with drugs, money, gun
Lee discovered inside his vehicle
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A man faces multiple charges after he fell asleep in a parking lot with money, drugs and a gun lying beside him.
The suspect, Jerry Michael Lee Jr., 34, is charged with possession of meth and marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a firearm. He will face a hearing before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke on Aug. 19.
His charges come after police were alerted to an unconscious man in a vehicle in the Walmart parking lot. Police arrived shortly after dawn to find Lee sleeping inside his vehicle.
“He was passed out behind the wheel,” recalled McMinnville police officer Aaron Roberts in his warrant against Lee. “Lying on Mr. Lee’s person and about the vehicle’s interior were several hundreds of dollars in cash.”
The money wasn’t all that caught the patrolman’s eye. Drugs were also in plain view.
“Also between Mr. Lee’s legs was a plastic container containing a quantity of methamphetamine, marijuana, a burnt marijuana roach, morphine patches, baggies and a cigar,” Roberts revealed.
Police awoke Lee, searched him, and reportedly found a glass pipe and rolling papers. They also found a set of digital scales. Their search was completed with the discovery of a loaded 9mm Makarov in the console.