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Man faces abuse for child near meth lab
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A father whose daughter was found in the same room as his meth lab has been bound to the grand jury on child abuse charges.The father, Terry Morton Hollon, 23, was bound to the grand jury on charges of aggravated child abuse and initiating the process to manufacture meth.Hollon was arrested after police responded to a residence on Oriole Drive to check out a report there was a meth lab working in the area. Once police were allowed inside the residence they quickly found the numerous components which made up the meth lab.“I found a jug of muriatic acid and a gas generator in the back bedroom of the apartment,” said McMinnville Police Officer Ben Cantrell, noting Hollon admitted to the rest of the components once those in the back bedroom were found.The components including things like ammonia nitrate and sodium hydroxide were found in a cooler. There were also sets of scales and several baggies suggesting Hollon may have been planning to traffic the meth.