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Man claims self-defense in dog shooting
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A man has confessed to shooting the dog known as Jake, saying the killing was in self-defense after the animal snapped at him.
The case, which was one of two dog abuse cases worked by the Warren County Sheriff’s Department on the same weekend, had captured national attention through social media. The case of the other dog, Corona, which was shot in its mouth, remains under investigation.
Jake was reportedly shot the weekend of Aug. 11-12 and found dead. A report was made to the sheriff’s department Sunday, Aug. 12.
Animal rights advocates initially claimed not enough was being done to solve the case. However, Sheriff Jackie Matheny said the case was worked the same as any other crime, and through the investigation the shooter was identified. Matheny also said some of the details of the dog’s death circulating social media have no basis in fact.
“There’s no evidence the dog was beaten,” Matheny said of the rumors, also laying to rest a rumor the dog was shot in front of a group of children at a birthday party. “There is absolutely no evidence we can find that it ever happened.”
As for the shooting of Jake, the sheriff said the man, whose name has not been released since he has not been charged with any crime, has confessed to shooting the dog but said he had a reason.
“The man said the dog was in his yard snapping at him,” Matheny said. “The law says you have the right to protect yourself.”
While claiming self-defense, Matheny said investigators intend to take the case before the grand jury to decide if charges are warranted against the shooter.