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Man accused of terrorizing neighbors
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A man accused of terrorizing his neighborhood has been bound to the grand jury on felony charges.
The defendant, Charles Wayne Smithson, was bound to the grand jury by General Sessions Judge Larry Ross following a preliminary hearing on charges of false imprisonment and criminal trespass.
His charges come for two incidents which occurred in the neighborhood near McMinnville Civic Center.
In the first of the incidents, the victim, which was a neighbor of his, said she was terrorized by Smithson who was standing near the property line with a golf club beating on a broken Styrofoam cooler and glaring at her. She said he then lunged toward her house and hit a tree and the ground with the club.
“I called police due to his actions, believing I could not leave while he was in the area,” the victim swore in her warrant against Smithson.
The second warrant against Smithson came two days later when another neighbor asked Smithson to leave his front yard, causing the suspect to go on a tirade.
“He went onto the adjoining property and started destroying the neighbor’s flowers,” the neighbor said, noting Smithson then turned violent toward him. “He then took a crescent wrench from his pocket and threatened me with it. He then threw the wrench at me.”
Smithson remains held in lieu of bond awaiting his case to go before the grand jury.