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Make May a marathon month
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Have you ever run a 31-day marathon? 

Now you can with the fourth annual May Marathon Month challenge sponsored by Warren County UT-TSU Extension. 

The challenge is to complete either a marathon (26.2 miles) or a half marathon (13.1 miles) during the month of May.

“You don’t have to do 26.2 miles in one day,” said Hilda Lytle of UT-TSU Extension. “With 31 days, that’s not even a mile a day.” 

However you choose to complete the challenge, walking or running, will be accepted. Each participant must keep track of their own miles completed for each day that they run or walk either on the interactive log, a calendar or an app. Participants will also be eligible to win door prizes after the marathon, and they will be selected by random draw. 

The marathon follows the honor system and anyone who completes the challenge could win prizes. Mileage reports should be turned in by June 4 through the website.

Lytle said there were over 160 participants last year, and that number has grown every year since the first marathon.

This challenge is intended to encourage people to stay active and enjoy May’s weather.

“Being physically active is good for one’s health and well-being,” Lytle said, “I encourage people to join this marathon challenge for your health if willing and able to do so. As a precaution, you should check with your doctor before starting any new exercise. I’ve registered. Will you?”

Registration is open now until April 30, and the marathon will take place throughout the month of May so you can finish at your own pace. You can sign up to finish a full marathon or a half marathon. 

Door prizes for finishers will be announced after the mile-report deadline June 4. 

You can register at