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Madewell had distinguished ambulance career
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Local resident and longtime Warren County Ambulance Service employee Leonard Madewell died Monday. He was 67.
He worked for the Warren County Ambulance Service for 31 years, serving as director for more than half that time.
“He loved working at the ambulance service,” said Madewell’s wife, Nadine. “He loved it, and he loved the people of Warren County. He was a caring person.”
Madewell was hired by the ambulance service on Jan. 20, 1976. He took the reins as director on April 1, 1988, retiring on his 31st anniversary on Jan. 20, 2007.
Nadine says her husband used to joke about the length of his marriage in comparison to his years serving the community in the ambulance service.
“We were married 43 years,” she said. “He said he had been married to the ambulance service almost as long. He was there for 31 years. I guess that felt like a marriage.”
Current ambulance service director Brian Jennings says Madewell was a jokester that garnered respect from others through his hard work and dedication.
“He was a happy-go-lucky person,” said Jennings. “He could take a joke. He was good at telling them too. He was always in a good mood. He cared about the service. It was his life. Everyone supported him out of respect. He didn’t have to be a hard person to work for because everyone respected him.”
“He was everybody’s friend, which is the best way to describe him,” Jennings continued. “He was definitely a rare individual who will be missed.”
Jennings worked under Madewell for 13 years prior to Madewell’s retirement.
Phillip Prater knew Madewell for nearly 30 years.
“He always enjoyed a good joke and was always in a good mood,” said Prater. “He always wanted to do what’s right. He had a love for the ambulance service and taking care of the citizens of Warren County. He was a hard worker. He would work all day at the ambulance service and work part time at Walmart. He was a good fellow.”
High Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.