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MADD may lose license plate
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Mothers Against Drunk Driving of Tennessee is in danger of losing a key funding piece that matches funds and enables the organization to offer free victim services. Nationwide, over 10,000 people are killed—and more than 345,000 people are injured—in drunk driving crashes each year.“Our MADD TN license plates are rolling billboards raising awareness about impaired driving and thousands of dollars to help MADD’s efforts in Tennessee”, said volunteer Norris Skelley of Cookeville. Norris and his wife, Aline, were two of the chief volunteers who campaigned to get the MADD TN plate that went into production in 1997.If MADD TN fails to maintain a minimum of 500 plates in circulation by June 30, 2014, the plate will be retired and the organization will lose over $15,000 of annual funding, as well as the awareness it creates.Currently, MADD TN needs approximately 60 plates to be purchased.