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Looming federal cuts local concern
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When the federal government tells states to brace for budget cuts of up to 30 percent, it’s not positive news.It’s only a matter of time before such drastic cuts trickle down to the local level.While city and county governments rely very little on federal funding for their programs, it’s still difficult to prevent such widespread cuts from having an impact on local residents and the services they expect.“It will have a very minimal impact on city government, but it will certainly have an impact on the overall community,” said McMinnville city administrator David Rutherford. He says federal funds make up very little of the city’s annual $13.2 million budget.That’s not the case with Warren County School System, where federal project dollars make up about 12 percent of the budget. The general purpose school budget is $45.5 million with federal project funds adding $5.7 million on top of that.“With federal dollars, you don’t really know until they make the cuts, but if they make drastic cuts in education it will have a trickle-down effect,” said Director of Schools Dr. Jerry Hale.