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Longtime meth user is jailed
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A man who admits using meth since he was 15 faces the possibility of serving 10 years in prison if he does not take advantage of being accepted into drug court.
The man, Joshua Floyd, 27, entered a guilty plea before Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley to the charge of initiating the process to manufacture meth. He was directed to serve 343 days of a 10-year sentence and must pay $2,000 plus court costs. He will be allowed to participate in the drug court program which is an intensive 18-month program which has a much lesser rate of recidivism than does straight incarceration. The program requires drug rehabilitation, court attendance, surprise inspections, drug tests and other restrictions on the defendant. The most recent graduating class graduated nine from the program Tuesday night.
In the case of Floyd, he was found in possession of numerous items commonly used in the production of meth. Lawmen also traced his purchases of pseudoephedrine, a main ingredient used in the production of meth, and discovered he had bought numerous drugs containing the ingredient at various stores. A new state law requires persons buying medicines with ephedrine to show ID, which is then entered into a state database so purchases can be tracked.
In his confession to lawmen, Floyd said he has been on meth for 12 years.
“I have been using meth since I was 15 years old,” Floyd said in his statement. “I have tried more than once to get off it but I can’t.”
Floyd took responsibility for the meth lab officers found at his Tom Grissom Road residence. He said he cooked meth in the woods and never inside his residence.