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Lomas avoids jail for chasing car with hatchet
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A man accused of chasing a car with a hatchet has been granted a pre-trial diversion meaning the incident will not even go on his criminal record.
The man, Jose Isidoro Lomas, 36, was granted an 11-month, 29-day pre-trial diversion meaning the charges will disappear provided he gets in no further trouble with the law over the next year. He will also be required to perform 16 hours public service work.
His diversion comes after he allegedly chased a car full of people from his driveway as they arrived to pick up one of their 13-year-old sons from Lomas’ residence.
“When we arrived she stated her son came out the back door and yelled ‘Go, go, he’s coming’ and then Jose came around the side of the house with a hatchet raised up in the air and ran up to the car like he was going to swing and hit the car,” the woman said in her warrant against Lomas.
The victim said they began backing out of the driveway as Lomas was yelling at them.
“Get out of my driveway. I’m going to kill you,” the victim reported Lomas as saying.
The woman said once they had backed into the road, Lomas followed them on foot with the hatchet still raised in the air. He then reportedly hit the window with his hand as they drove off. It was not revealed what issue Lomas had with the people in the car.
Lomas had been charged with aggravated assault which could have carried three to six years in prison.