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Local resident nearly scammed out of $1,950
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Local resident Glen Brown says the tearful voice on the other end of the phone sounded enough like his grandson that it nearly cost him $1,950.
Brown said he was almost conned out of the money Tuesday afternoon and wants other people to be aware of the scam.
“I came real close to losing $2,000,” said Brown. “These people were smooth and they knew what they were doing. I know better than falling for something like this, but when it comes to your kids or your grandkids you don’t always think clearly.”
Brown said he got a phone call from someone claiming to be his grandson Tuesday afternoon. It sounded enough like his grandson, Brown said, and the person was crying.
According to the story, the grandson has won a trip to Peru. While there, he was getting a ride from the airport to the hotel when the car was pulled over by police. The car was reportedly searched, drugs were found, and everyone inside was taken to jail.
In order for the grandson to get out of jail, Brown was told he needed to send $1,950 to Lima, Peru. He was told to do this via Western Union and to do it immediately.
“They told me not to talk to anyone and to send the money right away,” said Brown. “They even told me where the closest Western Union office was located.”
Fortunately for Brown, he said he became suspicious and eventually got in touch with his son who informed him the grandson was not in Peru, but at his base in Florida with the U.S. Air Force.
“When they called back and I told them I wasn’t sending the money, they got really ugly,” said Brown. “And so did I.”