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Local RadioShack survives first cuts
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McMinnville’s RadioShack at Three Star Mall has survived the first round of cuts.


In a list released Monday, the company revealed it would be closing 1,784 stores by March 31. The move will impact RadioShack stores in 49 states.


There are 32 RadioShack locations scheduled to close in Tennessee, including two in Murfreesboro. However, the McMinnville location is not on the list.


Alaska is the only state where no closings have been announced. The state with the most closings is California with 175, followed by New York and the company's home state of Texas. Vermont has only two stores slated to close.


The list shows just how much RadioShack is oversaturated in many markets. The company once bragged 90 percent of the U.S. population was within minutes of a store. But the network of as many as 5,000 locations became an unaffordable burden, with many stores competing against each other.


On the island of Puerto Rico, for example, there are 56 stores. Forty-five are slated to close.


The company has not said how many jobs will be lost from the store closings, or from the company giving up about one third of the floor space in its remaining stores to cellphone provider Sprint. RadioShack had about 21,000 employees as of its bankruptcy filing.


The closings are part of RadioShack's bankruptcy filing from Thursday.