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Local post office spreads Christmas joy to California
Santa Letters4
McMinnville Post Office employees received an opportunity to spread some Christmas cheer more than 2,000 miles away when they received an unexpected letter to Santa. Staff and customers of the post office donated items for care packages to three children in Los Angeles, Calif., who might not receive presents at Christmas. Pictured are postal supervisor Sherrie Honea, right, and postal sales associate Lisa Earls. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

Santa Claus receives billions of letters from children around the world every year.


Locally, McMinnville Post Office received approximately 100 letters in its special Santa Claus mailbox where children could send a letter and receive a response, while the Southern Standard received, printed and forwarded hundreds of letters to St. Nick.



Postal supervisor Sherrie Honea says one letter caught the hearts of the staff.


"We answered about 100 letters this Christmas, but we had one that we thought was special," said Honea. "A letter arrived and it was mixed in with our mail. It said ‘To Santa Claus’ and that was it. When we got to looking at it, it had a water mark from a post office in California. How it ended up in our office, we have no idea. We felt like it was divine intervention."


The letter was written in Spanish. After translation, it was from a mother saying they had been through a tough year and she would have no money to purchase Christmas gifts for her three children.


"The letter broke our hearts," said Honea. "Her children were ages 5, 9 and 11. It was two little boys and a little girl. I called the California office, which was actually Los Angeles, and found out who serviced that address. I made sure the address was good and the folks were actually in need. We wanted to make sure this was on the up and up."


A female customer overheard staff talking about the letter and she offered a $15 donation to go toward the children.


"That donation got it started," said Honea. "A male customer overheard us talking. He went home and told his wife. She came into the post office and wanted to know the ages and genders of the children. She left and came back with gift cards to Walmart for each of the children and gifts for each for their stockings."


Post office staff was inspired and donations were made throughout the office. Each child was mailed a care package of presents in time for Christmas Eve. The presents were marked "From Santa’s Helpers in McMinnville, Tennessee" and the post office’s address.


"We let them know it was from the McMinnville community and the post office here," said Honea. "We received a letter back from them. They wanted to let us know they had received the packages. It included two little pictures with the kids and their presents and a very sweet thank you from the mother. It was in Spanish and we had to have it translated as well."


Coming in too late for publication in an issue of the Southern Standard, but not too late for Santa to receive, were the following Santa letters:





Dear Santa,




My mom and I have been teaching my baby brother about Christmas. I’m sure your wondering how old we are and what are names are right so I’ll tell my brothers name is Elijah he is 1 year old and my name is Albert I’m 12 years old so can you send my brother something like a Mickey Mouse toy or you can send him a Jake the Pierute toy.


Love, Albert and Elijah






Dear Santa,




What I want for Christmas is an egg chapstick, the second diary of the wimpy kid book, bullets for a 22 gun, a new box of gel pens, and some American girl doll clothes.


Love, Addyson Creighton






Dear Santa,




I would like to have skylanders trapteem, transformer disepiuconvursun, pokomon omearube an dfasafirey sume pokomon stufet anamals. Mea and mewtwo stued anamals some nors kiladors some viteogams dog toy’s a twenty towe rifal. Ruvulder minctar toys home work pases. Someabstract picterxams, some sute steiters a new sleld oalmg on stur bablad stuf transformers stuf aspi nitevision cogls and sume ice cream.


Love, Andrew






Dear Santa,




Skylanders trapteam, pokemon Gme yu ruby and Alfa sappire, 3x3 rubix cube, BDS cheat code, All trap team mebers, All trap team crystals, Life time supply of Reese’s, Pokemon stuffed animals, Pokemon primal grenndedapd, Pokemon primal kyogere card.


Love, Brian Matthews






Dear Santa,




I want a Atari for crismas. I have been a good boy. I love you Senta.


Love, DJ King






Dear Santa,




My name is Ryota Takeoda.


I am a boy. This year I have been good so this year for Christmas I’d like to get "Game soft: Shinuchi" and I also want to tell you Merry Christmas!


Love, Ryota






Dear Santa,




I am Kenta. I also have been good boy this year. I’d like to get a game soft of Super Mario Brothers and wii!! I love you!!!


Love, Kenta






Dear Santa,




I’m Kota. I’ve been good, too. I want Yokai medals.


Love, Kota






Dear Santa,




I’d like a metal dectector, egg chapstick, remote control air plane and a toy oozie machine gun. Please bring every kid one toy.


Merry Christmas to you, Mrs. Claus and the elves.


Love, Jackson Creighton






Dear Santa,




A laptop (this is what I realy want), a reinder bell, Barbie dream house, more boy and girl barbie’s, desk with a pencil holder, more clothes for my boy Barbie, for my brothers wishes will come true, more Disney infinity characters, more easy bake oven mix, a tool set, light blue, purple, and green nail polish, foot bath that you do your feet with. Thank you so much for the presents every year. I might be on the nauty list and I do argu with my brother but I’ve been wanting not to argu with my brother.


Love, Sydney Matthews








The Standard also received one unique letter for Santa. Ryder sent numerous pictures of what he wanted for Christmas from Santa. The images were cut from store advertisements.