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Zoning exception granted
Calvary Baptist is located on West End Avenue.

McMinnville’s Board of Zoning Appeals has approved a special exception request from Calvary Baptist Church to rezone a piece of property for its relocation.
Church members made the request last month. However, board members postponed the decision due to a lack of information. They wanted to see a traffic study, construction plans, and architectural drawings.
On Tuesday, church representatives came prepared with a letter from neighbors stating “non-opposition” to the rezoning request, a letter from McMinnville Public Works Department assistant director Brad Hennessee that he inspected the width of the road and saw “no immediate concerns” regarding traffic, and preliminary drawings showing the layout of the church, parking lot and a pavilion.
The property is about 10 acres and is on Myers Lane, which is off Shelbyville Road. It is currently owned by Cornerstone Baptist Church and zoned Residential 2. Per the city’s zoning restrictions, a church is a use permitted on appeal (special exception) in an R-2 zone.
By the preliminary drawings, the church would be single story, 72 feet by 137 feet. The parking lot would be 171 feet by 166 feet and a pavilion/garage would be 30 feet by 92 feet.
According to information given by church representative Paul Curt Michael last month, neighbors would not be able to see the church but it could be seen from Highway 55.
“My biggest concern was traffic,” said board member Jim Brock. “It looks like that has been resolved now.”
Prior to construction, a soil test must be performed and submitted to Kyle Phillips, director of Tennessee State Environmental Conservation Groundwater office. Michael says that process is underway.
“We had the soil tested last Thursday,” said Michael. “The results of that will be given to Kyle Phillips on this coming Thursday. He didn’t see a problem with it.”
A motion to allow a special exception passed unanimously contingent upon those results. In attendance with Brock were members David Marttala, Jerry Williamson, Tom Ward and Joey Haston.